Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Antique Store Stock

It is a little secret of mine and a close friend, that there is an antique shop, where you can find antique store stock materials for crafting. These items come from store stock from mostly Germany and a little bit from Japan, from the 1930's to 50's. I can't stand it, I really
like this stuff a lot. Especially the silhouettes. I can't wait to come up with a really cool craft
to use them on. Also the gold foil stars are really exciting. I also love the velvety leaves. Can't wait to go back and I will have to set aside some $$ for each time I am in the vicinity of this place. What a great find! P.S. This place is not online!
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  1. WOW.... WOW....and more WOW!!
    That stuff is great Michele. Can't imagine keeping oneself in control when in that shop!
    Love it all.
    And yes, lets do some kind of swap. I've not been doing much lately. Trying to get items listed on my Etsy store. Been "downsizing" my supplies to start with. Need to make room for all the vintage I'm lacking ;)

    Have a Wonderful Day..... Ruth

  2. Love the silhouettes!!!
    Have a fun weekend :)