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I know this is old news, but I wanted to show my extended Alice tag book originally from Karla's Cottage. I now have 13 tags in this book, but some of the tags are hidden in there.  I was so excited about it that I enlisted some of the people involved to do some more tags to swap with me.  I made six more, sent out some and kept some for myself.  I was so lucky to get to know more amazing paper crafters.

I got these beautiful fun tags from Kimberly Laws artjoystuff.blogspot.com She is amazing with her paper crafts and everyone should check out her blog and Etsy shop.

I recieved these amazingly beautiful artsy tags from Ruth at throughmygardensgate.blogspot.com Check out her blog too. She is an amazing artist as well. I feel very priveleged to have a bit of art work from both these ladies.

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If you participated in the Alice tag book
from Karla's Cottage, and you want a couple more for your book, then
this is for you!  I really wanted to make some more tags.  I just
got caught up in the whole thing, and liked my tag book so much I
wanted to add to it.  So I made 12 more.  Two different designs.
If you would like to make and send me two more, I will send you
two/each different and then I will be
happy as can be.  One reason we
do all this stuff is to get to know other crafters and
bloggers with the same interests.  I have enjoyed the blogging
world so much for this reason.  Please respond,
with a comment on this post. I have this listed on both blogs,
and I only have 4 sets.  I am keeping one and sending one set
to Karla who got this all started.  She just worked so hard on about 80 books.

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Number 1

I recently found these wonderful freebie prints and knew I had to do something with them for Easter.  I knew that they had to be vintage, and once I got started, I could not stop.  So I have three.  One is for my living room to sit on this great sterling silver easel.  Another one will be for a swap.  And the other one will be listed in my Etsy Shop I am trying to get going.  What do you think?  I like them all!  I can't decide.

Number 2

Number 3

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