Thursday, April 28, 2011

Announcing a brand new swap! The "Scrap Stash Swap"

 Are scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies bogging you down?  Are you tired of looking at the same old stuff year after year, thinking, someday I will use that for some layout or card?  Well if that is the case then this swap is for you! 

Yes, I am calling it the Scrap Stash Swap.  I wanted to call it the Scrap Crap Swap, but I changed my mind.
To all you scrapbookers and cardmakers out there.  You know you have oodles of scrapbooking supplies that you will never use.  How about trading it in for some new stuff?  Well I know when I look through my stashes,  (from years of scrapbooking) that I know I will never use some things. Heck I have a whole studio full of scrap stash.  Here are the rules if you would like to play along.

1.  Comment on this post and tell me that you would like to be involved.  Then please email me at and put scrap stash in the subject line, with your information.  blog address, physical address and email. 

2.  Here is what we are swapping.  Please include all the scrap supplies you want, only here are the absolutes.
     Must have at least 5 brand new items, that have never been opened and this could include embellishments, stickers, chipboard etc.  Must have at least 10 sheets patterned paper, that is 12 x 12 please. and at least 1 sheet of rub-ons. Then put in as much other goodies as you wish.   (I know you have lots of paper you probably will never use)  Don't send garbage, but you may send parts of a sheet of stickers or other embellishments or even neatly cut pieces of patterned paper etc.  Send stuff that you wouldn't mind buying or something you thought you might use someday.  It will be fun to see what you get in return.

3.  The shipping date will be May 27, so we can have our new stashes for the summer of scrapbooking and cardmaking.

The entry deadline will be May 15, 2011.  so spread the word!      

Past Paper Projects (very random)

 I love this layout, because I love the drastic mood swing changes in my granddaughters face.  completed in 2006
 I stack em in the corner of my studio.  (completed in Feb. 2011)
I sent this to someone for a Valentine giveaway.  (completed 2011)
 My good stuff project, is my blogging journal. (completed March 2011)
This is what I sent in my first swap ever and it was for Valentines Day. Valentine candy box (completed 2010)

This is one of my designs for Storytellers club scrapbooking company, and was published in their digital portion of their website.  (completed in the summer of 2010)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another "nest" swag

Yep,  made another "nest" swag and this time I am not giving it away.  I posted a couple of different swags that I did a while back, and once again, must give credit where credit is due.  This idea came from swags that I saw on Karla's Cottage blog. I don't want to sound selfish in any way, but I make lots of stuff, and always need gifts for loved ones and friends, or even swaps and don't end up with one myself.  I love giving handmade crafts away, but wish I could have one for my studio, or home too sometimes  So this one is mine!  I am still planning on making more of these for other gifts I will need soon, but again, this one is on my wall and it will stay there.

A fun way to hang something like this is to screw knobs right to the wall and then simply tie it to the knobs.
I was walking around the fair grounds the other day and the wind had been so bad that this perfect swag stick was laying under a big tree.  It was hard getting it back home in one piece, cause my little granddaughter loves sticks.  I had to hide it under my coat!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Judging at the Clark County Fair and Rodeo

 Every year around the first part of April, my friend Camille and I are asked to judge the scrapbooking and paper crafting entries at the Clark County Fair Juried exhibits.  We enjoy it very much, and always get served the most beautiful luncheon, and earn two day passes to the fair.  The picture above was actually taken a couple of years ago.  Below are some of the pieces we have judged.  Some of the cards are really beautiful and clever.

 A chipboard album we liked alot.

 This card was our favorite one this year!  Love the owls, but the tree and the leaves made the whole card.

 This one was so beautiful with its 3 dimensional stand up ability.  Any mother would be so tickled with it!

This is one cute baby boy card.  I love the way they used a punch at the bottom to resemble a furniture cabinet