Monday, November 29, 2010

Tags for the White Christmas Tag swap!

The week before Thanksgiving, I hurried and I do mean hurried and made up 20 of these white Christmas tags
for the "White Christmas Tag Swap" I found it on Flickr, and got in on it in the last moments literally. Wow, when
you are mass producing, they aren't really that detailed, but I do like how these turned out. I got them sent off at the
last minute also, and they were received just in time. Not much color here, but I like them just the same. I can't wait
to see the tags that will be sent to me!
I stamped and attached a snowflake, made from a 'Quickutz' die I had for a few years. Love that Quickutz even now after
I have an expression cricut. The stamps are from "Stampin up" many year ago too.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For my Mother

I just did this layout yesterday, for my Mother.
I just need lots of pictures around of her. She
passed away 5 years ago, and I still miss her greatly.
This Layout is displayed on my newly painted clipboard
on my newly done French wall in my studio. Check it out
at Something Special.
She was a wonderful person. So talented and beautiful.
She did some modeling early in her young adulthood,
could sing opera, was a private pilot, had been a stewardess,
could make beautiful things and was an artist, plus there was
nothing better than getting a hug from her. I love you Mom!
I hope she knows how much she is missed.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Layouts of our babies!

Okay, go ahead and admit it. I do have
some beautiful babies here! There is:
Sailor Anne
Ella Mae
Lyla Jane
Maddox Kale

These are all some of my very
recent layouts. None are digital.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

My little chipboard haunted house.

I actually made this haunted house for My
"Fall Intrigues basket swap" that I hosted.
No it did not fit in the basket, but I sent it
along with the basket. I had fun making it,
even though I got a lovely hot glue gun burn
on my arm.
I used the hot glue gun to make some lovely
looking spider webs. They probably did not
survive the mailing, but it was fun to get some of it in the picture.
This pattern came from the October issue of Victoria magazine
and can be downloaded by going to their website.
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Dorothy Tag book arrived!

For the second time I participated in a tag book swap
hosted by Karla's Cottage www
and now have received it in the mail. Above are the ones
I got from other crafter's. The details in them are amazing.

Here is one of Karla's tags. She is a watercolor artist and puts so
much detail into her tags, then copies them and puts out approx 80
for the tag book covers. The smaller tag pulls out of the basket. So cute!
I can't stand it, and I get caught up again, so I went to
work right away making more tags for my book. The
middle one is the the one I kept for myself and is just like
my six original sent to Karla. I need to put this one on top
as it is so 3 dimensional. Karla sent a old page right out of a
Wizard of Oz book, so I took that and made two more tags.

I added a little 'd' to dangle over the whole thing exclaiming
"Tag Book for Dorothy" I have this tag book with my other
tag books from other swaps.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

25 days of Christmas Completed

Over at Linda Smith's A swap for all seasons blog,
there is a very unusual swap going on.
She is hosting a matchbox exchange.
Everyone involved bought those mini matchboxes
and decorated 25 and inserted 25 wonderful
little gifts tucked inside of each matchbox.
Then numbered each one from 1 to 25.
I ended up doing the first 13 just alike, but inside
of course each gift is different. Then for the rest
of the 25 I did each one different, in a more
victorian look. I like the way the all turned out.

Below are some examples of some of the inside gifts.
It was really some work, but a lot of fun nonetheless.
I will be getting 25 matchboxes in return from
bloggers all over. Then I will use it as an advent
calendar and hang each one on a small tree that I have.
Thanks to Linda for hosting this, her blog is:

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My three 2010 newborn baby's pages (Grandchildren)

Introducing Sailor Anne Morris. These pictures were probably taken at about 1 week old.
Here is Maddox Kale Dowse. He was just a couple of days old when these photos were done.
and below is Lyla Jane Leavitt was 6 days old at time of these photos. All are healthy and happy babies
and I just love everyone of them and just love it when I can get my hands on them. I finally got to doing a
first scrapbook page for each of them. I need to catch up on much scrapbooking. All of these babies came
from my 3 pregnant daughters in 2010. Whew that was some excitement!
Now my oldest daughter and a daughter-in-law are expecting but won't deliver in 2010.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

New wonderful paper finds

Here are some samples of the great paper I found on recent trips elsewhere.  I especially love the designs from 'graphics 45'  and cosmo cricket!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July Easel Decoration

Here is the vintage paper decoration I did for the month of July to set on my famous little sterling silver easel.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here it is, my completed Alice tag book

I know this is old news, but I wanted to show my extended Alice tag book originally from Karla's Cottage. I now have 13 tags in this book, but some of the tags are hidden in there.  I was so excited about it that I enlisted some of the people involved to do some more tags to swap with me.  I made six more, sent out some and kept some for myself.  I was so lucky to get to know more amazing paper crafters.
I got these beautiful fun tags from Kimberly Laws She is amazing with her paper crafts and everyone should check out her blog and Etsy shop.
I recieved these amazingly beautiful artsy tags from Ruth at Check out her blog too. She is an amazing artist as well. I feel very priveleged to have a bit of art work from both these ladies.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Coming soon, Blue Welcome Baby Maddox giveaway.

Soon to be announced new giveaway here, in honor of a new grandson.  As soon as he arrives and I am back home I will be having a 'Blue welcome Maddox giveaway.'   So be watching for it.  My daughter is due any time now!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Altered impressionism Art.

I love Impressionism. Especially from the 1800's. This has always been one of my favorites and I had a little print of it. I jade a little wall decor for my creative place. The tiles which spell out my name are from Laurie Jackson. "Indulge your shelf"
Those are microbeads. It is one of my favorite embellishments.
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new easel decoration

Summer is fast approaching, especially where I live.  It feels like summer to most people out there.  It is already up in the low 90's.  So I needed to do another paper decoration for my sweet little sterling silver easel.
I love this little silver easel so much I just keep making new decorations to sit on it. I am crazy about butterflies lately. I am not sure why, though. I was never into them before.  This sure evokes the felling of summer.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Alice Tags.

If you participated in the Alice tag book
from Karla's Cottage, and you want a couple more for your book, then
this is for you! I really wanted to make some more tags. I just
got caught up in the whole thing, and liked my tag book so much I
wanted to add to it. So I made 12 more. Two different designs.
If you would like to make and send me two more, I will send you
two/each different and then I will be
happy as can be. One reason we
do all this stuff is to get to know other crafters and
bloggers with the same interests. I have enjoyed the blogging
world so much for this reason. Please respond,
with a comment on this post. I have this listed on both blogs,
and I only have 4 sets. I am keeping one and sending one set
to Karla who got this all started. She just worked so hard on about 80 books.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

New Mommy advice book

My daughter had a couple of baby showers in
different towns. I made her this advice book,
which people attending, gave their advice on
little pieces of paper. I will put it all together
for her for a sweet remembrance and some
good advice.
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