Wednesday, October 6, 2010

25 days of Christmas Completed

Over at Linda Smith's A swap for all seasons blog,
there is a very unusual swap going on.
She is hosting a matchbox exchange.
Everyone involved bought those mini matchboxes
and decorated 25 and inserted 25 wonderful
little gifts tucked inside of each matchbox.
Then numbered each one from 1 to 25.
I ended up doing the first 13 just alike, but inside
of course each gift is different. Then for the rest
of the 25 I did each one different, in a more
victorian look. I like the way the all turned out.

Below are some examples of some of the inside gifts.
It was really some work, but a lot of fun nonetheless.
I will be getting 25 matchboxes in return from
bloggers all over. Then I will use it as an advent
calendar and hang each one on a small tree that I have.
Thanks to Linda for hosting this, her blog is:

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  1. These are so great! I love them! You are such a creative and talented girl. Love you too!

  2. Hi Michele,

    Each one is so them!!

    Please post a picture of the tree when you have received all the little matchbox's.

    Love and Hugs,


  3. OH MY GOSH...beautiful & so much work!!!! I wish I could have participated in this swap...but I just didn't have time this season...DARN!! I had so much fun with your swap though:):)

    Lots of Love,


  4. What a wonderful swap to be part of.
    Your little boxes are sweet treasure for sure

  5. Your boxes are adorable! Love thrones with scenes inside. Yourwork is fabulous!