Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dorothy Tag book arrived!

For the second time I participated in a tag book swap
hosted by Karla's Cottage www
and now have received it in the mail. Above are the ones
I got from other crafter's. The details in them are amazing.

Here is one of Karla's tags. She is a watercolor artist and puts so
much detail into her tags, then copies them and puts out approx 80
for the tag book covers. The smaller tag pulls out of the basket. So cute!
I can't stand it, and I get caught up again, so I went to
work right away making more tags for my book. The
middle one is the the one I kept for myself and is just like
my six original sent to Karla. I need to put this one on top
as it is so 3 dimensional. Karla sent a old page right out of a
Wizard of Oz book, so I took that and made two more tags.

I added a little 'd' to dangle over the whole thing exclaiming
"Tag Book for Dorothy" I have this tag book with my other
tag books from other swaps.
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  1. SO SO SO Cool!!! What do you do with the tag books after...are they in a little basket on a shelf???

  2. WOW Michele, I just received my little tag book 'Dorothy' swap today.
    Your tag is specatcular!! Wow so gorgeous, love your attention to detail, the crown and the little basket are adorable, not to forget the ruby slippers on the backside.
    I feel so incredibly lucky to have a little piece of your art work. Wonderful blog BTW!!