Friday, May 21, 2010

Coming soon, Blue Welcome Baby Maddox giveaway.

Soon to be announced new giveaway here, in honor of a new grandson.  As soon as he arrives and I am back home I will be having a 'Blue welcome Maddox giveaway.'   So be watching for it.  My daughter is due any time now!


  1. Hello Michele,
    Thank you for visiting my blog, entering my giveaway, and becoming a follower! It is so very nice to meet you!

    I love your work ... your eye for arrangement is magical! Don't you just love those micro beads? I discovered them a few weeks ago ... I have an old vintage sconce with two shades that I embellished using and assortment of pearl and gold beads. They still a little need work though... but I am please with the direction I am headed!

    A swap sounds intriguing ... though I don't know if I have the treasures a professional could use! I must confess, I have never partaken in such fun, so you will have to guide me in the way it is done! I am GAME!

    Have a blessed and blissful weekend!

  2. Ooops, by the way, my blog doesn't show you as a follower ... you might want to try joining again ... I'd love to see your smile there! :)

  3. Will be looking forward to it! Hope all goes well with the arrival of Maddox!

  4. Lovely paper crafts,,I love the colors/arrangements!
    Will be following this blog too and seeing what you're up to!