Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another "nest" swag

Yep,  made another "nest" swag and this time I am not giving it away.  I posted a couple of different swags that I did a while back, and once again, must give credit where credit is due.  This idea came from swags that I saw on Karla's Cottage blog. I don't want to sound selfish in any way, but I make lots of stuff, and always need gifts for loved ones and friends, or even swaps and don't end up with one myself.  I love giving handmade crafts away, but wish I could have one for my studio, or home too sometimes  So this one is mine!  I am still planning on making more of these for other gifts I will need soon, but again, this one is on my wall and it will stay there.

A fun way to hang something like this is to screw knobs right to the wall and then simply tie it to the knobs.
I was walking around the fair grounds the other day and the wind had been so bad that this perfect swag stick was laying under a big tree.  It was hard getting it back home in one piece, cause my little granddaughter loves sticks.  I had to hide it under my coat!


  1. I love your nest swag. I'm glad you are keeping it. You deserve something special too!

  2. Thank you for coming over and leaving such a sweet comment! I had to come on over and check out your other blog....and I love, love, love it! Love this nest swag!! So pretty, and vintage! Have a great weekend Michele with one L! ; )