Thursday, April 5, 2012

Simple notecards with a French Flair!

I have been getting ready for our County Fair and Rodeo, and a Craft boutique within the fair itself called the "Country Store."  Our county is a very large county, and since we live in Southern Nevada, Las Vegas is part of this county, but the fair is in our little town.  Since it is warmer than other places usually this time of year, this is when the Rodeo Circuit starts.  I paid my dues, and got a number, so decided to get going.  I have been making sets of notecards/envelopes to sell there among other items.  Here are photos of the cardswith a French Flair to them!  They will sell for $7.00/set of four, and are approx. 5x7 cards.  I would love some feedback on these please.  To much, to little.  Anyway let's see what you think?

Here are my tags.  I am putting my business card for my blog etc. along with another tag that will be removed.  I will be showing off my other creations later.  I have one week left and I must admit, I still have lots to accomplish in that week.  The night hours will become my friend!

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  1. I see that you have reached a 100 followers. That's wonderful! You must know by that, that you have a pretty awesome blog. People love your work. Congratulations. Reward yourself with a big smile all day and a big hug from all your devoted followers, including me. Connie :)