Monday, August 29, 2011

Scrapbooking, began in the 1800's, And a little giveaway!

The following is a history of how scrapbooks became 

  The popularity of scrapbooking is not a new phenomenon; “keeping a scrap-book” was a popular 19th century pastime, especially for women and children. The Oxford English Dictionary, which defines a scrap-book as a “blank book in which pictures, newspaper cuttings, and the like are pasted for preservation," suggests that 1854 is the earliest known date of the word "scrap-book" being used in print although other methods of collecting mementos were popular since the 18th century.

Disposable paper items such as trade cards, die-cuts and greeting cards were collected by both children and adults and pasted into Victorian scrapbooks. These decorative albums were composed of "scraps," collectible cards, and trade cards, which were sometimes arranged quite artistically on a page. Scrapbooks were indispensable as a method of illustration in teaching children both at home and in the Sunday-school. Women’s magazines from the 1800s often describe the making of a scrap-book as an essential “rainy-day occupation” for children and include a list of scrapbooking supplies to be kept on hand for such a day.

Here is my very own scrapbook from the 1800's.  And all of these pictures following are within the pages of this scrapbook. Last year it was sent to me by a very special person.  It was Jen Astengo of and she owns a beautiful gift shop in California called Bluebird Lane.  She is one talented gal, and so very generous.  It was a swap we were doing, and when I completely gushed about all the wonderful things she sent to me, plus this scrapbook from 1889, she simple said, "I just swap from the heart!"  She is one of my very special blogging friends!

I have not posted for a while here on this blog, but I decided to post here, because it is all about paper!
As I look through the very worn pages (which aren't even connected any longer) I realized that the images are placed in a definite pattern on the large pages.  Their artistic side was coming through!

I think this doggy looks like a "Buster"
I love this embossed piece.  The pages are literally falling apart.  I am happy that my acid free books will still look the same in the next century.

Check out the date on this postcard.  This was loose in the book when I got.  

Some of the images are slightly blurry.  I apologize for that.  This one had some lovely lace paper across the top, boy those Victorians sure knew how to embellish!

It looks like they must have had some fine scissors to cut out some of the images so meticulously.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and enjoyed learning a little bit of scrapbooking history.  I know that I have!
Now if you are wanting to get entered into a sweet little giveaway of Victorian ephemera, which will consist,of 2 pieces of victorian scraps from this book!  Just become a follower on this blog if you are not already, and leave a comment.  It is quite simple.  The drawing will be on Sept. 15, 2011


  1. Thank you so much, Michelle, for this article. I love the images and the the history. It takes me back to my girlhood when we did pretty much the same thing...collected those scraps important in our life and taped/pasted/glued them onto black construction paper albums. This was a treat! Oh...and I'm a follower, thanks for a chance to win those treasures!

  2. I practically swoon when I find Scrapbooks or pages from Victorian era books. You have a beauty there. I'd love to get more goodies from're so generous.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Love reading of the history and seeing the old scrapbook.
    I'm a new follower to this blog.

  4. I have to tell you, it has never occurred to me how we are just following the tradition set for us by those who came before us. It's a nice tradition, though, one almost anybody is capable of trying out and making a success of, so it's fun, not stressful. It's fun collecting all the details, too, isn't it?
    Thanks so much for your chance at such a Giveaway. I'd already been following the blog that led me here, and am now a new follower of this one.
    I like your pretty shabby cottage look here too!

  5. Just think of all the time it took to make this scarpbook. Awesome papers and such.
    I just joined this blog and thanks for a chance to win.
    Deb :)

  6. I never knew you had another blog Michelle. What a beautiful scrapbook! And what a history lesson, too bad that the paper is not standing up, what a shame! Marilyn

  7. I can't imagine cutting around such detailed pictures any more. It's hard to believe we all used to do that back in the day when we got started on this obsession we love!

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  9. Thank you for this big generosity!
    The album which you present us here is magnificent, a dream!!!
    I am in love with these called images " chromolithographies or chromos " which are invented in 1837. In Alsace, my region of France, we also put such images on "pains d'épices/ gingerbread", or albums. I am a collector and possess some chromos of period, and I had the happiness to mock recently an album of 1900! I also like making collages on furniture, or quite other objects; I just ended there one on a pencil box of 1880 and a place mat is spirit to dry at the moment.

    Beautiful day

  10. Fascinating post! Thanks for sharing your treasured vintage scrapbook. NIce to know that we are all part of a continuum with the love of beautiful paper and scrapbooks.

  11. Just wonderful.. Thanks so much for sharing This..

  12. Well how sweet was that? It's so beautiful. I've been a follower for some time now and just participated in your scrap stash swap, so please count me in on this giveaway - I'd love to win!

    This is soo my style!


  13. This was such a delightful post!! Being a lover of the Victorian Era, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the beautiful images that you have shared here with us!! i would be honored to be included in your giveaway!! I also became a follower!!


  14. First congrats on your adorable new grandbaby girl! you have a beautiful family. I am still at awe you have 8 children and now 18 grandchildren. I have been married 30 yrs w/2 daughters and 4 grandchildren and not sure how you do it w/so many diff little ones needing attention. Surely you never babysit all of them at once! ;) My hats off to you.
    I loved looking through all the pages of this antique scrapbook. I loved going thru my great gramas stuff and even small newspaper clippings and lace I can't part w/ outside of the family. I shared these w/our oldest daughter who journals.

    I have been following you on your other blog and read your new post. And now following this blog as well! I am speechless of words that you would part w/any of these precious mentos in this book.

    I would be honored and thrilled to be the new owner of these precious items and would treat them w/care knowing they are so delicate.

    all I can say is wow! what an honor it would be. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Sue S./ sunlite705(at)aol(.com)

  15. What a wonderful giveaway! I adore antique scrap, and there is nothing that thrills me more than discovering scrapbooks and admiring the pretty, colorful pieces in it. I usually can't afford much of it, though! Someday, someday I will find a good buy on it! Thank you for the chance to win!

  16. Hello dear! What a such marvelous post! Love the images and the the history and it's amazing knowing more. Victorian Era is one of my passions. I've posted this on my sidebar, by date! Thanks so much, dear, for this article and for the lovely and marvelous candy you're sharing with us! :D Rachel
    Follower's name: Rachel Berault

  17. Hello Michelle,

    What a treat indeed to find you have another Blog!! As soon as I finish writing here I will become a follower here as well.
    I love old scrapbooks and yours is such a treasure...there should be a museum of vintage scrapbooks for they are a part of our heritage and history. Yes please count me in your giveaway as I would be so honored to own a couple of these vintage scraps.
    I have to tell you that when I lived in New Jersey years ago I went with a friend to an old actors retirement home where she worked and one day they were having a resident garage sale if you will. I got there rather late and there were only a few things left. I spotted a Christmas book that had lovely poems and pictures and so paid my $1.00 and took it home. while looking through it that evening inside between two pages was a "very old" scrap book page and on both sides there were pictures and autographs all about Mary Pickford the famous silent movie actress, along with her sister and Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin. Pictures of Mary P. when she was in a few movies.
    I have kept it in a acid free clear cover. I have always wondered who it was in the old actors retirement home who owned the book and placed that single page inside the Christmas was as if someone was saying Merry Christmas to whoever bought that $1.00 book. What a Christmas present indeed!!

    Hugs and Smiles,


  18. Michelle,
    How lovely that you are passing on part of what came to you. The scrapbook is truly a treasure and doubled by being gifted to you. I have some Victorian scrap in my own collection - thank goodness that old glue just falls off now!

    A delightful post! Hugs

  19. Congratulations to your winner. What a great giveaway. I love this post, I love everything about scrapbooks. Can't you imagine how every card and letter was kept in a treasured spot. You have a great collection. Drop by my blog I am hosting a giveaway for my 100 follower. Kathy

  20. Thanks so much, dear, for this article and for the lovely and marvelous candy you're sharing with us!
    Tim Holtz